Gaui 500X
Gaui 500X Quad Flyer

Gaui 255
Gaui Hurricane 255

Gaui 330X
Gaui 330XS UAV Quad Flyer

Gaui 425
Gaui Hurricane 425

Gaui X5
Gaui X5
Gaui X5 FES
Gaui X5 FES Flybarless

Gaui X7
Gaui X7

TSH GAUI design, develop, and manufacture innovative RC helicopters - Hurricane 255, 425, 550 X5 plus the 330X and 500X Quadcopter kits. With years of research and development, TSH GAUI developed plastic coated form technology applicable to wings, fins, and rotors, which offers the rigid and smooth surfaces while maintaining the trailing edge as thin as 0.15mm. Today, TSH GAUI carries diversified RC aviation products, bringing the greatest experience to RC pilots worldwide.

GAUI are supported by BuzzFlyer RC Helicopters and Quadcopters in the UK. 2013